After demolishing your previous improvements, it is time to begin the excavation phase of your project. This is where it comes in handy to have a contractor who is familiar with your area and can bring a lot of skill and experience to the table.

Custom Home Excavation

If you are just beginning the construction phase on your home, then you know a custom home requires many decision be made along the way. Every neighbourhood has its own intricacies that must be addressed and your excavation can get complicated very fast if a sufficient amount of foresight is not used. Our demolition and excavation services are a great combination that are both cost efficient and fast, because we know our clients deserve the highest quality.

Residential Excavation

Using our extensive array of excavating equipment, we are capable of performing almost any type of excavation you could hope for. Whether it is a deep excavation or an entire residential subdivision, we would be happy to help you carry out this work. Our fleet of equipment was expensive to acquire, but by doing so we have saved you the expense of having to lease the equipment out yourself. Our backhoes, bulldozers, excavators, and compactors will get the digging done, then we’ll move all the material off-site with our trucks.

Commercial Excavation

If your project is of a higher level scale, we are capable of helping you with that as well. For any new development project of a commercial nature, we have plenty of experience helping out. Deep excavations are specialized in nature and you won’t be able to find many contractors who can perform them as well as us. Parking lot preparation is of a similar complexity and is so much more than just moving dirt. You will need a wide array of excavation and earth moving equipment, and Fast Site Work is just the one to help.

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