Fast Site Work is all about using a combination of precision and planning to demolish structures in an orderly manner. By using the experience we have accumulated over a long period of time, we can be sure to avoid all the normal pitfalls and deliver a superior level of service.

Even more important, we place an emphasis on reusing, recycling, and reducing to make sure your demolition is done in an environmentally friendly manner. We work hard to salvage any reusable materials, and sort the recyclable ones out as well.

Residential Demolition

Our most common offering is the demolition of residential properties. There are usually two recurring problems with these demolitions: tight working space, and tight timelines. Working in the urban environment has taught us a lot about working through these issues, and our knowledge has helped us become the contractor-of-choice for any demolitions of this type.

Selective Inheritance Demolition

Demolitions can get a lot more complicated than just knocking down a building. There are often situations such as interior strip-outs and removals where it is necessary to work within occupied buildings. This takes considerable finesse as our workers must be courteous to the other tenants and get creative with their process in order to complete the work properly.

Building Demolition

When it comes to big projects past a regular residential demolition, the use of high-power machinery is usually required. We have accumulated a considerable amount of this machinery, so you don’t have to worry about renting any. Whether you need bobcats, compactors, or excavators, we are ready for your job. No matter the building, we have the experience and equipment to help complete it in record time.

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