Health & Safety

Health & SafetyFast Site Work values their employees and prioritizes a safe work environment above all else. Every worker has the right to come to a safe work environment every day and is responsible to immediately report any potential Health & Safety risk. In the long-term, it is also much more profitable to run a safe work environment. Employee retention stays high and damages to equipment remains low. The result is a smoothly operating business.

To achieve this business goal, it is necessary to learn how to anticipate certain risks and find ways to control them. This helps to prevent injury and illness in the workplace and yields a net positive for everyone.

We make a commitment to manage all of our processes so our employees, physical assets, and other resources are properly protected from any foreseeable damage. This helps us sleep well at night, and likely does the same for our employees and customers.

In addition to physical safety, we make sure to optimize our company for minimal environmental damage. Our industry has a responsibility to make sure we are not making the world a worse place in the course of performing our work. By remaining mindful of the risks and environmental impacts that are possible within our industry, we can work to mitigate these risks.

Every employee knows it is their job not just to keep themselves safe, but everyone in the workplace. Managers, supervisors, and employees all look out for each other and create a better work environment for all as a result. We educate all of our employees on how to perform their jobs safely and responsibly.

It is a core part of our operating procedure to always place an emphasis on:

  • Performing frequent and thorough safety inspections
  • Having a Health & Safety Committee that is incentivized to make prudent long-term decisions
  • Providing top-of-the-line personal protective equipment for those at risk
  • Maintaining and reevaluating our general safety rules on a consistent basis
  • Training employees in first aid and other safety enhancing techniques

In addition to all of this, we have our management plan every new practice and process to comply with all of our company safety requirements. This policy extends to all of the operations and maintenance we do on all of our facilities and equipment.

The key to a long-lasting and high-performing company is a healthy and safe workforce. We at Fast Site Work have shown time and time again that this is our priority. By fulfilling this commitment to our employees, we know we can create an environmental that breeds success by taking risk out of the equation.

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